A unique Piece of Art – Cyanotypes

Our children grow up so quickly and ideally we want to preserve the memory of every precious moment forever. Professional children’s portraits are a great way to keep record of different stages of your little one’s childhood. Printing them as a cyanotype will result in an image of timeless elegance that will be more than a snapshot in time, but a treasured memory for many years to come. So, in addition to digital printing services on high quality photo paper or canvas, I also offer to print your favourite image or images as cyanotypes on fine art paper.



Every cyanotype is a unique piece of art and handcrafted to a high standard. You have the choice between smooth or textured art papers and even silk, giving very different impressions. If you would prefer a more antique look, the images can be toned to various shades of sepia.

If you are thinking of having your child’s portrait printed as a cyanotype you will be interested in the following:

I am happy to offer a bespoke framing service that will make sure your picture will be displayed in a way that will best match your home decor.



Your cyanotype can be finished in the beautiful crisp Prussian blue tones, but if you prefer I offer a choice of tones that might suit your home decor better. As they are all based on the same process using iron salt, they might look very similar at first. But sometimes nuances can make a big difference…Of course, our bespoke framing service will also be useful to make your piece of art perfect for your home.


Here you can see a selection of different tones.