Glow in the dark

Children, water sports and a love for the great outdoors in the UK will almost always lead you to campsites. We found our favourite one in Wales and while the big boys were happy surfing and the little ones happy playing in the dunes and on the beach during the day, I was happy getting out my camera at night, sneaking around the campsite. But it was not curiosity or nosiness about the affairs of our fellow campers that drove me to do this. I was intrigued by the  colours and lights that emanated from the tents at night where the inhabitants were still enjoying each other’s company by the shine of fires, gas lamps or solar lights. It still felt awkward and a bit creepy taking pictures of other people’s tents, with tripod and long exposures…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Tent1Tent2 copyTent5 copyTent3 copyTent9 copyTent4 copyTent7 copyTent8 copy

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