Still Moving

Since I first saw a Kendoka a couple of years ago, I have always wanted to take pictures of one. The atmosphere and spirit of the sport and the unusual and distinct armour really inspired me.

Kendo is a fascinating traditional Japanese martial art. It combines the spirit of Zen with fast and explosive but precise movements. Kendoka fight with bamboo swords called shinai and are protected by an impressive looking traditional armour. Thick natural materials and the mystery that the obscured face evokes make for fantastic photographic objects…

I finally had the chance for a photo shoot. I’d like to share some of my favourite images of the kendoka and his armour with you.

split light1
The kendo warrior
Tsubadome, a ring on the bamboo sword to protect the kendoka’s hand
The men
The gauntlets

2 thoughts on “Still Moving

  1. Fantastic, an amazing series of images.

    • Thank you. I will post some new images soon of my new studio series ‘ 5-a-day’: vegetables with a twist. Hope you like those, too.

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