Outdoor family session in West London

A sunny outdoor family session in West London Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown obviously meant that I couldn’t photograph families for months. Even now that the UK are relaxing the restrictions I cannot with a good conscious offer studio sessions yet. Luckily, the weather has been amazing. So I went back to what I did […]

Skatepark photography in West London

Skatepark photography in West London After 10 weeks of having the kids at home all day we are becoming a little stir crazy. My youngest always has to move. He doesn’t walk – he runs. If he doesn’t run, he jumps. Or climbs. You can probably see that we had to find ways to allow […]

Photography without frontiers

Photography without frontiers Our initiative I am pleased to announce that I have joined the Charity initiative “Photography without Frontiers”, a national initiative, to raise funds for NHS Charities Together and I hope you will join me in saying thank you to those that truly deserve our thanks. It is a really simple thing to […]

Making Blue Prints with Kids

Making Blue Prints with Kids – things to do during lockdown If you like doing arts and crafts with your children you have probably had enough of watercolours and crayolas by now. I want to suggest a very different technique here to do with your little artists. We are blessed with a sunny spring, so […]

Maida Unveiled – Giving to the community

Maida Unveiled – Giving to the community These are strange times. Obviously they are strange because of the lockdown and everything is has brought our lives. But in addition, this week I have appeared in the local ‘ Maida Unveiled’ magazine twice – for two very different reasons. Sewing medical face masks You might know […]

Fashion from Bahrain

Product photography at the Pure London Fashion Show Lockdown and social distancing are in full swing, so it feels almost alien to write this post about a Fashion show. It’s just over a month ago but it already feels like years – like from a different life. So apart from being at home, entertaining the […]

Charity Halloween Photo Session

Charity Halloween Photo Session It’s almost Halloween and so many parents and carer put a lot of effort into their children’s Halloween costumes. Then they wear them for a few hours and you end up with some blurry dark pictures when they are out trick or treating and in no mood to stand still for […]